Our debut product is a user-friendly, sports-oriented & versatile solution to emergency auto-injection.

A Real Problem

In addition to the costs of this life-saving medication, the prevalence of allergies is also skyrocketing across the world.

Reactions to allergens are known to increase in severity every time they occur.  Users who are only mildly allergic to a specific allergen may one day go into severe anaphylactic shock from that allergen. 

Therefore, just because a user is, for example, allergic to nuts, that person should still carry his/her medication at all times because it’s likely they’ll develop additional food and/or environmental allergies over time. 


Let Life Carry On

The epinephrine auto-injectors on the market today save lives by reversing anaphylactic reactions.  That’s a fact.

However, these injectors are 100% useless when left behind. 

Therefore, Summit Street Medical has set out to revolutionize emergency drug delivery for today’s active, athletic and on-the-go lifestyles, and to increase compliance by Letting Life Carry On.

Our sports-oriented debut product is a versatile, smart and contemporary auto-injector designed specifically for the on-the-go lifestyles lived by billions of users, caregivers, first-responders, athletic trainers, coaches, school nurses, cafeteria workers, construction workers, and everyone else in between. 

Our passionate team members are fueled by the countless stories we hear every day about frustrated users, caregivers, and administrators.


You are not alone!  Regardless of your unique relation to food allergies, please join us in our effort to End Allergies Together and to Let Life Carry On. 



The SSM Team